“Nikki was great in helping me with tips on how to help my foster dog become a better walking partner. He started off wanting to pull me everywhere. After working together and following through on all of her training advice, we now have fantastic walks and he is getting ready to go to his forever home! She is super patient and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her services! I recently have been able to foster a dog, River, that came from a hoarding situation. River was incredibly fearful of people. Nikki helped build her confidence and gave me great advice on ways to help make her less fearful. She will now walk up to me and get pets. She also let people in a social situation pet her while out on a leash. Every day I see her confidence growing. I am sure this training has made the difference. Without it, I am not sure River would have been able to find her forever home. This would not have been possible without Nikki’s help! “

“I contacted Nikki because my dog (Cash) was becoming extremely reactive and I no longer knew how to control it, or how to help him. Even going on our walks were becoming scary and I dreaded them, we sent him for a board and train and he’s learned to relax and trust me as a handler, he’s so much more confident now. His world has since become HUGE and I now look forward to doing everything with him and helping him become to best version of himself he can be. Not only did Nikki train my dog amazingly, but I as the handler learned, and am still learning so much! 10000/10 would recommend!”

“We, the Bella family, can attest that Nikki has been there for us throughout our transition with Bella. Bella was the complete opposite of our last shepherd. What worked on him, has no affect on her. We had to learn new skills, tools, and habits. Nikki guided us through all of it and still does today. It’s not an overnight process but we’re so happy for the knowledge and support she continues to provide. Bella has made such progress with her reactivity that we spent hours at a few breweries the other day with compliments from the staff on our training.”

“I contacted Nikki after hearing about her through Southeast German Shepherd Rescue as a last ditch effort after using multiple trainers with my dog River, over the course of a year and burning a giant hole in my pocket in the mean time. I had almost convinced myself to put River in a board and train for thousands of dollars, but decided to give Nikki a try first, and I’m SO glad I did! When I spoke with her on the phone to give her a run down of the issues I was seeing with River- dog and human reactivity, and stubbornness with following commands- she reassured me that River was displaying very typical German Shepherd characteristics, and made me feel comfortable about the training process that was to come. She also told me about her own dog who displayed very similar characteristics in the past, so I knew she had ample experience dealing with the same thing in the past! I drove 2 hours to meet Nikki, and I would absolutely do it again! I came home with a completely different dog than I had that morning. Nikki taught me about training with an E collar and a prong collar. With these tools, River very quickly understood what I expected from her. After 1 session with Nikki, we saw SO much more improvement than I ever saw in 6 weeks of traditional and continuous training with other trainers. River is now following commands quickly, and protests much less. Additionally, I used to be embarrassed to take River anywhere because of her incessant barking at other dogs and people. 2 days after our first session and I actually enjoy taking River on hikes and to the pet store. Her dog reactivity is virtually gone, and I couldn’t be happier. Breweries are coming next and I can’t wait!”

“My new rescue, a lab mix puppy approximately 8months old and 41 pounds, a bundle of energy, was having trouble being accepted by my 3 small dogs. Nikki to the rescue!  She came once offering advice and working with Sali while I walked Bella and Lucy Lou and Ruby looked on. The first week, after Nikki’s visit, things were much better. I still wanted more help. On her second visit,  Nikki taught my lab puppy to load in my jeep and reassured me and made suggestions about how I could continue to help Bella to accept the rambunctious puppy. LucyLou and Ruby seem much more laid back but Bella is a feisty terrier rescue that has been here the longest so she needs a little more work accepting this big puppy.  Nikki was great, dependable and I love watching her work with all of my animals.”

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