Do you need help bringing out the best in your dog?

Develop a more trusting and fulfilling relationship with your dog through obedience training.

This is not your average obedience training! Even if your dog already knows basic commands like “Sit” and “Down,” our training will make your dog’s obedience reliable no matter what is going on around them and teach YOU how to have a well-behaved dog that you can bring anywhere.

We work with dogs that:

  • Pull on the leash
  • Bark and lunge at people or dogs on walks
  • Bark at guests coming into your home
  • Jump on people
  • “Selectively listen”
  • Don’t come when called or run away
  • Show signs of anxiety or fearfulness
  • Have potty training issues
  • Can’t settle down in the house
  • Embarrass you when taken in public

Which training program is right for your dog?

We LOVE rescue dogs!

You opened up your home and heart to a dog in need, so we want to give back to you! Rescue dogs receive a 5% discount on first training program purchase.

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